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New Imported Phone Numbers

702-692-2831 – I have been job hunting. This # left a message from 702-692-2831 saying they were from MGM resorts. Yet I have nor record in NY phone receiving a call or message?????

By : Darcy

916-459-0177 – I received two calls today 12:08AM and 12:09 AM (as in midnight) when I answered both times they did not say anything.

They have called in the past also. That was on 02/22/17 at 11:56 PM and 11:59 PM, again, they did not speak.

By : Mark Brown

901-359-6174 – credit card scam
By : larry

804-227-1313 – Another number that calls and does not name whom is calling do not answer……
By : RAT

425-646-4588 – I asked to be taken off the list immediately and the person working for this company started to mock me and told me he didn\’t have to. I then asked to speak to his manager and he proceeded to say that I \”sounded hot\”. How do I bring any sort of charges against this company for solicitation and harassment.
By : Danielle

714-598-3005 – no message left. caller id showed up as 5linx
By : Jen

315-370-4705 – I received two calls from this number, 315-370-4705. I did not answer the forst one and they left no message. The second one I answered and there was no response. My caller ID says ot comes fro Auburn, New York. I have no contacts in that ciity.
By : Louise

By :

By :

By :

By :

714-598-3005 – Left no msg junk call for survey
By : Lily

By :

925-706-9752 – They call and hang up, call and hang up.
By : Another unwante

208-437-5315 – I received a call from 208-437-5315. I don\’t know anyone by this number. Who ever it is, they keep calling, there is never anyone on the other end. I want whoever this call is to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By : chloe

By :

202-776-0191 – sent text message…WARNING!Facebook maintenance! Please Verify your account at:
By : laurie

By :

678-654-4552 – Not a call but I got a text message from this number at random saying \”Call me if you have a minute, I want to talk about Elephant.\”
By : Danny

786-470-6977 – 305-441-9383 Maria Fleitas Bad landlord mental problems
By :

323-505-6384 – I received a text message from the number 323 505-6384 stating, \”Joannie 1k visa\”
By : Joannie

520-303-3378 – called at 625 am
By : too early

618-663-4181 – Receiving unwanted text messages from this number
By : Hector Rivera

770-727-2536 – Posts on Facebook are claiming that someone calls from this number and tells you they are with the sheriff\’s department and that you missed a court date. It\’s not true.

By : Bill

406-224-4765 – The owner of this phone Jenny is a scammer. She places items on sale. Provides false fedex tracking # n once the payment is recvd do not ship product aware.
By : nash

623-934-0607 – TED ARMSTRONG
12317 W BERRY LN , EL MIRAGE , AZ 85335 County: MARICOPA Phone: (623) 934-0607
By : A

339-201-1327 – This number says it is BAMA leasing in Stow, MA, not sure why it\’s rerouted through Weymouth and Cambridge?
By : Liza

By :

321-212-1094 – The number started calling today. They leave no message and when called back, there is a message that the number is no longer in service.
By : Sr. Oso

By :

619-872-1585 – Dog scammer he gets dogs for free from people and sells them for wayyy too muchs money do not trust him!
By : Anon

360-784-5000 – Banfield main corporate number. Harmless
By : Duke

By :

805-220-1246 – Bullshit will send to someone else\’s address… Businesses beware prankster
By : Mandy

303-716-1739 – soon
By : soon

509-947-3122 – This is coming from Pill Pack Pharmacy. I guess I had started to sign up to get the pricing information and they got my phone number. They called me multiple times a day. It\’s not a scam but it is solicitation kind of because they want you to sign up. All you have to do is tell them you only take 1 prescription a day and they will leave you alone.
By : Kim O.

503-272-6614 – what is Government Camp
By : Anne Donaldson

415-493-0735 – I got this from them: Under your name so before we move forward with the lawsuit and the legal allegations contact us as soon as possible 415-493-0735 thank you.
By : unkown

415-493-0735 – I got this from them: Contact you is to inform you that there is a lawsuit filed against you by the internal revenue service and prefers the non billable arrest warrant issued opportunity before. We move forward with the lawsuit and the legal allegation contact us as soon as possible 415-493-0735. Thank you.
By : unknown

909-327-7237 – This number is a catering company Canup Catering.
By : Samantha Sites