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New Imported Phone Numbers

201-463-0895 – Catfish number
By : C

678-671-5793 – This caller claimed to be a real estate agent wanting to buy home for cash. Doubt he had the moneyto pay cash for home. Sounds like it was a yes scam call.
By : Janet

404-279-2266 – I do not know who is.
By : Maria

206-800-3215 – Calls and says nothing
By : Dorus

484-451-8095 – TEXT – (727) 201-1822 —Buy Valium,Oxycontin, Roxicodone 30mg, Percocet ,Morphine,Diluadid, Nembutal ,Seconal ,Metthadone HYDROCODONE pure cocaine Ketamine . Heroin(white or brown) Mdma CALL OR TEXT (727) 201-1822

Call/text us : +1-(727) 201-1822
Send Email:—————— tropicpharma3———
By : tropicpharma

201-596-4912 – Vehicle Insurance $ 19/Month Txt \”Yes\” to see rply 2 to cancel
By : Beannie

213-401-4273 – This is but one of many numbers flooding my phone, thanks to Kotis Properties and the corrupt Greensboro Police Department who secretly spends a fortune on real estate–white and rich? You should be in Greensboro: the City loves you already aw
By : Walle, A.

312-924-2387 – Claims to ber Telplex – offering to give credits on my AT&T phone bill.
Could not offer any call back contact info.

By : Chicago


949-426-5447 – This number belongs to
Shayla Geary also known as Kat Vaunderville
She is a drug dealer, prostitute, con artist
And has the ability to hack into bank accounts.
Report to Authority ASAP.
By : Mike Peterson

By :

By :

717-283-4688 – Rec\’d two calls today from this number within an hour and a half of each other. No message left. Don\’t recognize the number. How do I get them to stop calling?
By : Kathie

By :

412-376-1372 – called. no message
By : no

410-200-0500 – I received a text from this number stating that my FED Choice 4483-80-****-**** card has been put on hold. Call Protection Department at 1-877-224-25.
By : Aut

By :

609-245-0684 – called several times. Called again with I\’d blocked, only number showing. When I answered, the woman asked for my 91-year-old mother-in-law with Alzheimer\’s. When I stated who I was, the woman said it was a courtesy call and she\’d call back and immediately hung up. She never identified herself at all, at any time during the call. I verified who was calling with an internet search, and called back to have Mom\’s name removed from their list. It went straight to a voicemail (same voice as the original caller). After saying to leave a message, it stated that the mailbox was full and disconnected. HUGE RED FLAGS HERE FOLKS! BE CAREFUL!
By : JBarnett

614-695-4770 – I am getting google authorization codes sent to me from a six digit number (that companies usually use) and this number. Someone is trying to hack my google account!
By : Nick

By :

708-320-0077 – Called home number.
VM was 2 seconds and blank.
By : Michael C.

312-924-2387 – Pretends to be ATT!! Scammer!! Do not give them your information
By : Stop calling

410-629-3232 – had a \”prank call\” from this # – called it back – was some law office?
By : nope

201-503-2482 – dont call me again
By : ROY

614-461-3614 – Matt Wolfe is a liar and a scammer. Pretends he works for Clark County Court in Ohio and tells people they owe money for a payday loan and if you don\’t give him money he says he is going to have you arrested. This person is a lowlife of the worse kind. He is a BULLY, A LIAR, A SCAMMER, A FRAUD. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY
By : Pat

561-509-1148 – Police
By :

406-551-9438 – Calls constantly, sometimes several times a day. Caller lets it go to voicemail, but leaves no message.
By : Beth

228-463-3265 – IRS robocall saying I owe them and they are suing me. They\’ve called 5 times the last 2 days.
By : Victim

228-463-3265 – Bogus IRS Scam. Don\’t pick the call.
By : Victim

228-463-3265 – Bogus IRS Scam. Don\’t pick the call.
By : Victim

228-463-3265 – Total scam claiming they are the IRS and are going to sue you. Don\’t fall for this IRS never calls on the phone to say they are suing anyone.
By : Bill Roche

203-391-6889 – Did not recognize number so did not pick up and they left no message.
By : Me

412-404-6285 – I have no connection to the phone number 4124046285. Who it belongs to I do not know. The address has no landline phone. I called the number
It goes to a health care to get insurance. I am not connected to it. I do not know anything about them
The address is not connected to the health care either. The inflation for 412 4046285 is false.
By : Linda crusan

412-404-6285 – The phone number 412 404 6285 is falsely represented. The address does not have a landline phone. It is being called to the attention of the proper agency. Please do not call4124046285. Someone is using the wro g name and address.

By : Linda crusan

724-216-0345 – Automated voice message from telephone number showing from our Greensburg, PA area (spoofed?). Message claimed we had ordered a product. No. We had not. We did not respond to this call; will block # if calls continue.
By : POSSIBLE Fraud/

678-614-4451 – This was a \”you have done a prize\” call. I haven\’t entered any sweepstakes to win a prize. I\’m sure its another scam.
By :

801-413-1728 – they called me but nobody was on the line then the line went dead
By : david

By :

209-292-5951 – Numerous calls they never speak very annoying.
By : James

623-910-2030 – Said he was for smart solar and keeps on calling despite my house already having solar.
By : Anon