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210-424-2397 – I received a VMX message from Mike, a seemingly nice guy stating he was calling from Verus Healthcare (it was hard to make out what he was saying because he kinda mumbled the name of the company) [from a San Antonio, TX area code & #: (210) 424-2397], & asking me to call him back at: (800) 937-2779. He also mentioned twice in his short message that \”All calls are recorded.\” WTF!!!, who cares about that???
I Googled the (210) phone #, which seems to be marked \”Safe\” on all sites & then Googled Verus Healthcare. They are a company based in Franklin, TN that sells respiratory, CPAP & blood glucose supplies. Seems like a legit company, but doesn\’t mention satellite offices, so I was beginning to feel kinda leery about this call. I had, however, contacted my Pulmonologist/Sleep Doctor\’s office earlier this week about CPAP supplies & even where to rent a CPAP machine for a month until my 5 years is up on the machine I already have (insurance will replace the machine only every 5 years) that\’s not working at all, apparently because of a power surge after power going off & a long time later coming back on again during a rain/electrical storm (even though my CPAP machine is on a surge protector. I\’m so confused as to why it doesn\’t work now). So I thought maybe this call was a referral from my doctor\’s office (the office had already given me 4 company referrals & this company wasn\’t one of them).
But from reading the remarks about the (800) 937-2779 #, how rude Nick is & how pushy Dave is, & the varying promotions directly related to this #, I\’m now convinced it\’s a SCAM call & I was surprised to see that the # was already BLOCKED on my phone from a previous phone call to me. I had apparently blocked the # on my phone, but hadn\’t done any searches on the #. Siince the (210) # showed up on a particular street I get tons of SPAM calls from in San Antonio, I BLOCKED it then & there. Another numerical phone contact to add to my already existing very long list of SPAM/SCAM #.
I have signed numerous petitions through Consumers Union to Stop Robocalls that were to be presented to the \”Powers That Be\” in Washington, DC, but after signing petitions for over 2 years now, the only thing they\’ve achieved is to make cellular, wifi & landline providers supply \”Call Blocking Tools\” to their customers. It\’s a real pain in the butt to have to go through creating a Contact & then use the Block This Number option. If I just hit Block This Number & then delete the call, my phone sees the # the next time as a new call coming in because without an actual Contact tied to the Block This Number, it\’s not really blocked.
& All the Reverse Phone Number searches, & then Googling the # to read comments on about 15 sites takes up a lot of time, too, & especially if I take the time to leave a message on a site, like now.
#MakeSPAM/SCAMCalls& PhishingCallsIllegal

412-277-3649 – No msg
By : li

By :

901-503-0977 – some spamming w h o re

815-528-3599 – Craigslist scammer. contacts about your craigslist posts.
By : Alex

623-261-2174 – This is a number for a whore.:.Heather Toney. She is an escort and disgusting. BEWARE
By : Sarah

By :

434-228-4687 – Theses jokers keep calling..
A Credit Card SCAM…
Block their number………
Con artist idiots……..
By : Jack Milton

509-822-2596 – Got a call from this number this morning at 8:11, asked for my wife and when I told the caller that it wasn\’t 9 AM they hung up. We would never do business with anyone who calls before 9 AM and surely wouldn\’t do business with someone who is so rude as to not say anything but just hang up.
By : John

623-451-7196 – This person, Mike, is a straight up liar & thief. Plays kiddie games. Worthless loser.
By : Jamie

412-415-4976 – sup phag ur a pussy

By : YoUng SaVage JA

908-975-0315 – Fake IRS Scam
By : Bob

206-251-1161 – I received a call from this number 206-251-1161
Stating that the warranty on a 2016 titan is about
To expire I needed to take action now. I don\’t have a titan 2016. Please stop calling me. I believe these are scammers.

By :

By : Alonzo

210-994-7115 – 210-994-7115 is a spam call.
By : Answered Call

212-372-4220 – This caller pretended to be from Chase Bank.
By : M

401-491-4891 – I received 4 phone calls from this number in one day. I didn\’t recognize the number and when I picked up, nobody was on the other end.
By : michael

By :

By :

415-530-5984 – Cord Blood Registry
By : Sansarai

By :

By :


713-965-6422 – Robo calls that are getting better. No hang on pick up, sounds like a misdialed number at first, with a \”HI\” then a pause to get you to say hello. Then it runs into the spiel about having stayed at a resort. Can\’t really call this number a bad number though, because these things are spoofed so often it\’s impossible to track down who it actually belonged to. Welcome to the future of VOIP.
By : Texx

713-965-6422 – Calls and says \”hello\” sounds startled, then proceeds with \”hi there.\”
Sounds like a fake recording. I just hung up.
By : Richard

214-420-0813 – 1/17/2017 11:00 am CST
I received a call from this number. Said his name was Justin Baker of the Baker Company. When I wouldn\’t put him through, he got UGLY (as in \”you kiss your mama with that mouth?!?!\”) I hung up on him and he called back. Called me names. I recited his phone number (from caller ID), told him we were on Do No Call and he was officially being told not to call. He was spewing more of his bile when I hung up on him again.
By : CT

910-242-2232 – Says you called him and try\’s to get your information acts like a bully.
By : Benson

By :

By :

715-222-5687 – Unknown number
By : Cassie

330-300-1114 – I started getting calls 330-300-1110 at 6:41 a.m. when I rejected the call I then received a call from 330-300-1114. When I answered there was no one there, and when I called the number back it, both numbers where not valid. Very frustrating any time of day.
By : Alicia

718-355-9270 – Start online Biz IS A SCAM. Google their adress and lookit up on Google map street view. They are also reported on several websites.
By : Sylvain

By :

714-880-4296 – My attorneys looking into this matter sense you feel to put my life in jeperdy you can continue to have a hard on out for me it pays well in the end from what Im finding out why you feel treatened by someone who has done nothing but keep from being homeless so continue as you like its all being collected as evidence for my case.Hope your getting a nut from this making false alagartions is a crime im sure your aware along with trying to get someone do the math cuz its going to be a cost.
By : Miss dawn

334-367-9403 – Nothing but a hermorphadike calling my phone with a stopped up nose old sick Bitch….
By : Anni Lee

334-367-9403 – Calling my phone asking for my husband. Sound like her damn nose clogged… old sick Bitch!
By : Nothing but a H

954-639-3083 – Beware…Cop informant…stay away
By : Leadfeet

608-566-5947 – Some sleazy cab driver b!tch who works as a prostitute on the side. Don\’t let her give your husband crabs like she gave my ex.
By : Lisa

608-566-6635 – Called me, I missed the call so I called them back and they claimed they never called. But obvs they did, so whatever. Just say I misdialed, but whatever.
By : Ann Nonymous

By :