Terms and Conditions

Inthelists.Com has the full authority to change and/or delete any information from the implemented terms and conditions. All registered users and visitors need to understand this decision whenever they made a decision to visit and use our website. We always consider any kind of change or deletion as legitimate action and without any conformity from other people.

As a reliable service provider online, we release helpful information to all our users and visitors. However, we do not warrant the accuracy, effectiveness and completeness of all the published information, which they can reveal during their actual visits. If a registered user or a visitor decided to use a service, he/she needs to accept the information “as is,” and we do not have any liability for revealed mistake or inaccuracy.

All the users and visitors can use an available service, but needs to understand the conditions and treat the information at their own risks. Under the terms of use, they cannot blame our website for any unwanted result. Irrespective if the available service may require service fees or not, it is the responsibility of these people to accept the result because they made the decision. When reading the different shared content from Inthelists.Com, they adhere to the implemented rules and that can include the overall design and concept of our site. Furthermore, we do not permit any illegal reproduction of the information under our ownership.

If we found any violation regarding our implemented rules, we can immediately terminate and/or cancel an existing contract from the involved registered user based on our terms and conditions. Likewise, we can make a decision to terminate and/or cancel any service that does not follow our guidelines. When we terminate and/or cancel a contract or service, we do not need any explanation about our decision.

Inthelists.Com reminds all our users and visitors about their responsibility to check their registered accounts for any kind of activity. In case we revealed an illegal activity, we have the authority to disregard the agreed contract and may even impose certain penalties if necessary. It does not matter if the account owner knows the issue about illegal activity or not, this person needs to accept the consequences.