Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Inthelists.Com understands of giving importance to the privacy of all the users and visitors. On this, we always provide the exact protection whenever we need to gather and utilize the information that comes from these people. This existing policy can educate all our users and visitors in determining on how we gather and use the information. We also want to remind all these people about their responsibility in understanding our privacy policy.

Gathered Information

We need to gather and use the important information from our users and visitors for proper verification during their visits. If someone refuses to provide such required information, we do not force the situation during the submission process under our existing rules. When we use the gathered information, the intention is to help us complete all the requests and we do not involve any kind of data for illegitimate activities. If ever we need to share information, we only provide them to our legitimate partners and third party agencies under implemented conditions.

Cookies (Web Beacons)

Inthelists.Com checks and utilizes cookies (web beacons) to trace and verify all the information from our users and visitors. The information we usually gather include the actual browser, IP address and Operating System of all individuals who are visiting and view the published content, subpages and images. This kind of procedure is important to improve our online visibility and determine on how many people are active on our website.

Alteration of Policy

As part of our imposed guidelines, we always follow even the cookie consent of the European Union to help us check and monitor all the data that come from this region. Regarding the alteration of this policy, we can change through our own decision and we do not need to notify our users and visitors.